Online College vs. a Traditional College Degree Program

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Okay. Today we’re talking about college degree programs. Whether you should get an online college degree or an online college degree. There are plenty of pros and cons to both sides of the equation and we want to outline those today a little bit. With the traditional of course you have the traditional college experience. You’re there on campus, you have the social atmosphere, you have dorm life, you’re partying. So, under traditional I’m going to put college experience. And with that you have some extensive costs for getting there, the on-campus expenses, and so forth — you’ve got some serious expenses. On the online side of things it’s much cheaper in many cases. The speed with which you can progress through your program may be quicker, that may save you some money. The travel time is definitely going to save you money. The travel time is definitely going to save you money. But you miss out on the traditional college experience. So, I’m going to say limited on this side. So, if you’re trying to save money, online may be the way to go for an online degree.

If you’re looking for the traditional social experience for college the only way you’re going to get is going to a brick and mortar institution and that’s what you should do. It is possible to complete an online degree program in a faster pace than in traditional schools. So, total time spent learning at a university type setting can be significantly less on the online side of things can be significantly less as far as expenses go…and also time.

So, I’m going to put expenses here, but I’m also going to put time. So there it is basically: time and money. Thank you..

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