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Align:start today I’m answering a question where is the best place to get an online degree I definitely recommend before you choose any degree or any combline college that you go to to research them thoroughly and find out which one will be best for you some things to look at when you’re looking at all my colleges is first accreditation will they be able to actually grant your diploma once you’ve finished taking the courses and actually technically technically you’ve graduated and will that diploma hold up when you’re looking for a job or you’re applying for a future college to go to and colleges that have been accredited for a little bit longer usually a little bit more respectable than those that are recently accredited so I’d also look at how long they’ve been accredited and the second thing that I look for is your Valley the value of going to that school and do they have the support do they have the help are they available all the time is there someone there that you can call and talk to if you need some help or having any kind of technical difficulties and as well as will it actually benefit you if you go there and the third thing I would look at is reviews you want to look for anything positively said anything negatively said and see what people are just saying about the college and see if that is something that might sway your decision on a certain school the fourth thing I look at is specialization um research degrees you would like to pursue by before selecting a school different schools online especially the different things some are more technical some more creative some are more basic to help you get into a four-year college of your choice or anything like that so I look at different things like that for centuries people have navigated the globe looking for new knowledge skills and job opportunities often times they’ve traveled great distances and faced many challenges not surprisingly only a few succeeded in their endeavors with the arrival of the internet global online learning and telecommuting to work have become a reality as a result in the US alone thousands of offshore students are now taking classes without the need to travel internationally while elearning an american institutions has broken down barriers to access an education it also has its own pitfalls and drawbacks it’s what the hell me if I knew about the American system and my online courses since in my country it was totally different you’re a little be afraid what to say what to put on it what to ride how to ask to the professor most of the informational situations and topic were more about American environment rather than environment of other countries one of the most common barriers for international online learners taking classes in US universities and what can we do about it let’s ask dr.

Valerie chuckle I’m an associate professor at the State University of New York’s Empire State College and a leading expert in international distance learning international students taking online classes at us-based University and putting important professionals looking for American jobs they all have something in common they have to learn how to navigate American virtual or online environments in this course we will demonstrate how American virtual environments reflect the American culture ways of doing things and professional and local contexts it’s very common for non natives to have gaps in understanding the specific context those gaps are known as barriers barriers are real and can seriously hinder the online learning experience or job performance to overcome barriers one needs to know how to recognize and deal with them and develop a set of specific competencies during this course you will be able to systematically examine barriers review required competencies and use a specifically designed self diagnostic tool to detect gaps and craft an effective strategy for improvement this course is based on ongoing research and is informed by years of experience in international distance learning and consultancy it is created by an international team at the State University of New York’s Empire State College we hope you enjoy the course and find it useful for your college and career success welcome to the course you you actually caught me just coming out of tutoring for sociology so I just learned about urbanization and population and from a sociological standpoint I learned today that there’s 350 million Buddhists in the world today the semester I was in biz block and I’ve learned how to make a business plan so using the online classes here at NAU being a park scenic major having them comprised most of the courses we take I’ve learned a lot of things from business management to you know how to set up a great weekend for some kids out in the woods that the library stays open till 2 a.m.

Which is I love that I recently learned in one of my criminal justice classes about more details about the Enron scandal and I thought that was really interesting because it kind of tied my minor my major together I learned how to use the Schrodinger equation you know that uh he came up with back in the 50s deal with electron tunneling that kind of thing we learned it with the help of our teachers I had a group of five other people we had a layout that we had to fill out and it’s very difficult there’s two different ways of learning there’s a the classroom setting and also the clinical setting so you know our classroom setting is pretty much the lecture style and then what we learn in our classroom were able to apply it in our clinical sites I’m not sure I think psychology is just really interesting because it has to do with people around you and yourself I’d have to say it was hard work just the fact that it was a really difficult class made it memorable and it’s and they’re going to be things I’ll never forget and things I’ll probably use throughout my career on my RA class rely heavily on Vista it’s a supplementary for more learning in class and it’s just a lot more helpful because there’s video links and things you see and you just relate them and point them on to real life and it’s a lot easier to remember I know that I know the material because I can explain it to someone else repetitions I read it I wrote it down and then I recited it to her I’m sure that I learned it because I had to write a paper on it and do a presentation and answer some questions about it applied to my test coming up with that knowledge I hope to be a better RA with that and use that in future careers and such I’m actually going to teach an e100 and hopefully pass it on to other freshmen who need to learn things about NAU and hopefully they’ll be more successful because of it going to make sure I don’t be an unethical accountant and make the same mistakes when I’m a teacher I’m going to use it to help my other students disabilities I’m gonna tell everybody that can I’m going to be a teacher and so I would like to apply that knowledge that we have universal experiences even though we’re different when I’m a teacher and just kind of look at my students in that in that way that even though they may be different we probably have a lot in common I just want to learn as much as I can about music there’s always room to learn more I want to keep improving myself and it’s pretty much it quantum mechanics continue studying anthropology because what I like to do Japanese want to learn everything next about accounting and criminal justice I really want to learn how to live my life because I’m about to graduate and I don’t know how to pay a mortgage and I don’t know about taxes and I think that’s the next step for me you at Arizona State University we believe in giving you everything you need to learn to thrive so it’s good to know the experts and college reviewers agree US News and World Report names ASU the second most innovative school in the country The Wall Street Journal says ASU is fifth in the nation for producing the best qualified graduates the esteemed Princeton Review ranks ASU in the top 15 percent of America’s four-year colleges as a leader in undergrad education this is a university that empowers you to truly thrive Arizona State University online gives you the exact same curriculum identical degree and access to the same prestigious faculty as on-campus students you can choose from over 100 degree programs all enhanced by our innovative online learning technologies for more information call one 800 695 US News and World Report ranked us in the top ten for earning an online degree all these high marks should give you confidence in your big plans learn to thrive with ASU online call 1-800-695-1418 you

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