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We encourage students whenever possible to go to college uh… studies have shown the make more money in the long run i’d generally think that you’ll get more out of life if you pursue something passionately something that you’re in favor of does always require a college but sometimes it does but if you don’t have the opportunity go to college either because you can’t afford it meteor and uh… a place that doesn’t offer the sorts of class that you want there are some very exciting online alternatives to traditional policy should look into so you’ve got one here for you open culture dot com uh…

Which likes to give access to different cultural things that should have a huge list of free online movies which if you’re gorgeous and i feel free but they’ve compiled with the five hundred three courses online the of access to from really high class high-profile universities to see an idea that got stanford yale m_i_t_ oxford harvard u_c_-berkeley some of the biggest colleges in the country and in the world and they have these courses available on almost every subject like the list fifty five courses in philosophy leader computer science physics pretty much everything and from big names that you can get classes by richard dawkins which is pretty exciting um… i’m actually probably hold this up later uh… just huge names from universities all over the country richard fineman that’s a pretty good name and so i think that this is incredibly exciting that you could conceivably although you wouldn’t have a degree at the end of it you can take these courses and you could learn a lot that’s like the senior majlis wesley wanted a bunch of classes that her money now like i took upon bunch of classes that had nothing to do with my major like i’m halfway to a minor and mike three subjects yet but did you get out of dispersal curiosity party i wanted to the following that’s awesome ice the reason i put this on the run done today is both to let you know that it’s there didn’t go to open culture dot com you can find his list of courses in also there things like this available itunes that you can download like podcast cities but it kind of depresses me because as i was seeing this i thought justice what’s the right thing to do that sounds interesting i thought application development i was five that’s experience in physics and residents i don’t even know that if review proposed a teaching them the basics aside for the political group but the thing is like i worked pretty long hours you detail it won’t work hard workers and when we get home the temptations of slightly down and watching the children or something for me is really a you don’t like their job at all you do as much of your ticket all i do i do have a say what is married with children brittany seem like the perfect audience for mitchell happened and i like it and i don’t know how do i feel i ckp home by the perfect audience presidential stupid flat six sort of fun like that and i think the not i think that’s not going to like like you know what i had read let’s say a realtor six thousand look if you have taken any of these forces just for your own enlightenment not you know for college i’d like to know was a beneficial to you was it worth the time it could actually see indian for other forms of entertainment because some of these might actually kinda fun i think that that would be spent a great shot i mean like if you read in your spare time are you said ideal let me just say this instead exactly i think that that would be great i would really like to hear from people who have done that i think that but inspiration

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